Ten Key Recommendations for SDN Suppliers

1. Present a clear Vision about how your SDN technology benefits customers, including those with legacy network infrastructure.

2. It is VERY early days for SDN – the market will evolve, you will need to evolve your marketing with it.

3. Have a Positive Message – how SDN will help IT (as opposed to what is wrong with SDN or existing networks).

4. Speak in Business Value terms (how does it benefit your customers) – the best technology does not (usually) win.

5. The majority of IT buyers want Solutions – not APIs.  Create an ecosystem to help provide this (e.g. ISVs, channel, professional services partners).

6. Highlight a Use Case or 2 – SDN needs examples of business (IT) value implementations by real (paying) customers.

7. Don’t (just) target the bleeding edge – have a plan to reach the broad business IT market via channels, ISVs, IT partners, etc.

8. Reducing Network Operational Costs (OPEX) is critical for most IT buyers – place a strong emphasis on your security and network management tools.

9. Target Market Differentiation – if targeting more than one customer type (Enterprise vs. Telecom) or use case (WAN vs. DC) – have a distinct marketing message for each.

10. Don’t swim upstream – by trying to create a “new” unique category that (only you supply).


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